Sparkle Cans trash can cleaning service is a family-owned local company serving communities in southwest Riverside County, California. Sparkle Cans is committed to providing its customers with efficient trash can cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing using state-of-the-art equipment, while effectively accomplishing the following:

Reducing a multitude of potentially serious health risks associated with unsanitary trash cans
Reducing polluted urban runoff which would otherwise enter waterways
Conserving water through recycling, which is a critical matter in drought-stricken California
Promoting environmental responsibility
Improving property/neighborhood aesthetics

The use of a professional, self-contained, pressure-cleaning unit in the trash can cleaning process results in hygienically clean, fresh-smelling trash cans.

Trash cans are more than just dirty, unhygienic and foul-smelling. Trash cans attract insects and pests, including maggots, cockroaches, flies, rats, mice, ants, spiders, opossums and raccoons.

The trash and waste materials inside the trash cans offer these insects and pests food and shelter, which can result in breeding and infestations. Once the insects and pests are attracted to the trash cans, they often end up entering the residence, which then transfers the germs associated with trash and waste materials from the trash cans to the inside of your home.

The Problem

People tend to put everything in trash cans, from decaying food to feces to a myriad of contaminated items. Waste disposal companies have made the waste disposal process quite simple: throw your trash in your trash cans, roll them out to the curb, the trash company will come by and dispose of the waste, and then roll the cans back up to the trash storage area after they have been emptied. However, even after the trash cans are emptied, harmful germs (including bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew) and offensive odors are still present.

The importance of having and maintaining a clean, sanitized and deodorized trash can is gaining awareness throughout our communities; however, cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing trash cans presents problems for most residents. Besides the health risks directly related to the residues left inside the cans to the person performing the cleaning, the cleaning itself also poses a negative environmental impact when performed by residents who do not have an efficient system specially equipped for cleaning trash cans. Residents who clean their own trash cans use many gallons of expensive water which then becomes bacteria-filled and contaminated. By California state law and regional ordinances, contaminated water is not allowed to enter the storm drains. Even if the contaminated water could be contained and disposed of properly, hose water does not have the ability to hygienically clean, sanitize and deodorize the trash cans.

Our Solution

Sparkle Cans trash can cleaning service uses a non-toxic, heat system that kills bacteria and eliminates insects and pests right at the customer’s curb. The service system cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes trash cans using a high-pressure, high-velocity wash. The professional system also conserves and reclaims the water used and then puts it through an advanced filtration system for reuse. Much like the trash disposal companies, the customer's only responsibility is leaving their trash cans at the curb or other designated area.

When we perform the service on a monthly basis, customers are provided with trash cans that are fresh and clean. The cans remain cleaner and less pungent on a regular basis, thus reducing the chances of pest infestations and microorganism growth detrimental to health.

Service is scheduled according to the trash company disposal routes. Customers will be set up on monthly service routes and will be responsible only for placing their cans at the curb or other designated area. An email or text reminder will be sent the day prior to service. In the event that a national holiday falls on your regularly scheduled date, your service for that month will be scheduled either a week earlier or a week later.