Let us do the dirty work! Our professional service is an environmentally safe activity.

The Service

Sparkle Cans trash can cleaning service uses a non-toxic heat system that kills bacteria and eliminates pests. Performing the service on a monthly basis will provide customers with cans that are fresh and clean. The cans remain cleaner and less pungent on a regular basis, thus reducing the chances of pest infestations and microorganism growth detrimental to health.

Initially, your cans may require up to three scheduled cleanings in order to completely remove build-up and grime.

Schedule and Notification

Service is scheduled according to the trash company disposal routes. Customers will be set up on monthly service routes and will be responsible only for placing their cans at the curb or other designated area. An email or text reminder will be sent the day prior to service. In the event that a national holiday falls on your regularly scheduled date, your service for that month will be scheduled either a week earlier or a week later.

If you need to hold service due to a vacation or some other reason, your account will become frozen, where we will hold service for up to three months. During this time period, your credit card will not be charged. Holding service requires a notice at least 10 days prior to your scheduled date of billing.

If you will be unavailable for your regularly scheduled service due to a vacation or some other reason, please notify us in advance of your cleaning day, and we will work with you to reschedule your service for another day.

Customer Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the customer to place their trash cans in an area accessible to our technicians for cleaning. Since the service is provided the day after your regular trash disposal service, any bags that are in the trash cans upon arrival will be removed during the service and put back after completion.

Please note the following instances where we may not be able to perform your service:

If your trash cans cannot be serviced for any reason, you will receive an email notification with an explanation.

Payments and Cancelation

Depending on the service plan you choose, payment from your credit / debit card used to establish your account will be processed on a monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual basis. We will notify you of any rate changes prior to your next billing cycle.

Please promptly notify us of any changes to the credit/debit card you used to initiate service. There are no contractual agreements associated with the service other than the service plan you selected and for which you paid. You may cancel at any time as long as your cancellation notification is provided to us at least 10 days prior to your scheduled date of billing, whether your service plan is billed monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annualy.

Note: There will be no refunds of any amount previously charged for a monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual service agreement if service is cancelled prior to the term of the original service plan purchased or if service is no longer needed due to relocation outside of our service area.

However, if you move to a new location outside of our service area, you may gift any remaining service on your account to anyone within our service area in lieu of forfeiting your remaining service.