State of California dought problem:

Here you will find information regarding the drought in California.

California Penal Code - Federal Clean Water Act:

Section 374.7(a) of California's Penal Code states that it is unlawful for any person to litter or deposit any waste matter in water or on land in any area other than in appropriate storage containers. Section 374 also prohibits dumping of any waste matter in a body of water or upon a bank, beach or shore within 150 feet of water. It prohibits any person from knowingly depositing hazardous substances in any California water body, in roadways or on property without permission of the property owner. A hazardous substance is one that poses a significant present or potential risk to human health and safety or to environmental health. If convicted of such actions, a person is subject to fines and/or imprisonment, depending on the violation. California Penal Code is enforced by the County Sheriff.

Riverside County’s water pollution prevention program - Only Rain in the Storm Drain:

The Sparkle Cans trash can cleaning system is designed to conserve, reclaim, filter, and reuse water.